Ceiling ledge decor ideas

Transform your ceiling ledges into stunning focal points with these creative decor ideas. Find inspiration to make your ceilings stand out and add a unique touch to your space.

Do you have ledges in your house you have no idea what to do with like me? Well I have an idea for you today! I have been staring at this ledge for years without a clue what to put there. Or leave it blank. Shelves? Fill it in? Finally I decided to throw a… Read More Snake plant basket ledge

Kate Kessler
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So the last couple of weeks we have been moving and getting everything put away and decorated! I am not even close to being finished but I thought I would show you pictures of what I have done so far. I haven't even attempted the office yet, hence the reason there are no pictures of it, lol! But let me just tell you I am so thankful to have my moms help! We decorate peoples houses all the time and it seems like a second nature to us, but when it comes to our own homes it takes a little…

Katrina Richardson
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Looking for ways to decorate in your living room? This post is all about Ledge Decor ideas in the living room, plant ledge decorating, vaulted ceiling ledge decor, high ledge decorating ideas living rooms, high shelf decorating.

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Choosing new wall decor is a tough decision. There are endless ideas, ranging from 2-dimensional paintings to pop-out shelves. Creating that environment is difficult for any home, but there is even more space to tackle with high ceilings. Do you tackle this project yourself or invite a professional into your home? Is the decoration something […]

Melissa Fedor