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Chapati Recipe | How to Make Chapati | Quick Chapati Recipe

Chapati is the quintessence of the Indian cuisine so much so that no meal is complete without this Indian flatbread. Prepared with the goodness of whole wheat flour, water, salt and ghee, this simple Indian bread goes well with everything. Right from gravies to dals to sweets, this delight is perfect dose of taste and health. Go ahead, check out the easy steps given below and make these delicious warm and soft chapatis in no time. These chapatis are no-fuss food and can be packed for lunch…

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Please ShareChapati is a warm, soft bread that's so versatile it can be served with any of your favorite curries or dips. It’s an Indian staple made using atta (whole wheat flour) and is similar to tortillas. If you’re looking for the perfect unleavened flatbread recipe, then chapati is the one for you. This recipe...Read More

Roti Recipe - How to Make Soft Roti (Chapati) - Whole Wheat Flour Bread Whole Wheat Roti, Butter Roti, Roti Paratha Recipe, Soft Roti, Chapati Recipe, Missi Roti, Chapati Recipes, Indian Breads, Breakfast Sides Dishes

Roti Recipe - How to Make Soft Roti (Chapati) - Whole Wheat Flour Bread

Roti (chapati) is a traditional Indian style round shaped flat bread which is served with vegetable curries and dals in lunch almost every day in most of the Indian homes. It has only 2 ingredients, whole wheat flour (atta) and water but it requires some practice to make it perfect round shape. This recipe shares all the tricks and tips to make the soft rotis and how to keep them softer after cooking. Roti and chapati both have the same ingredients and are cooked on tawa but there is only…

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