Chicken and dumplings casserole recipes

Try these mouthwatering chicken and dumplings casserole recipes to satisfy your comfort food cravings. Discover easy and flavorful ideas to make a hearty meal for your family.
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Although the first day of spring has come and gone, it's been chilly and blustery here in Kansas, so I thought I'd share this warm and delicious casserole for everyone that's still eagerly awaiting spring before it's hot and sweltering and nobody wants to bake a casserole. This is pure comfort food and perfect to…

Joanie Simon
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Ingredients:For soup3 to 4 grilled grilled chicken cups (or 2 large cooked and grated chicken breasts)8 cups water4 tablespoons better than Pouillon chicken4 tbsp salted butterFor full recipe click here

Rosemarie Gannon David