Chicken ladder

Elevate your backyard chicken coop with a creative chicken ladder. Find top ideas to keep your feathered friends happy and entertained, while adding a touch of charm to your outdoor space.
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Designing a chicken coop ramp should be easy, right? It sure seems that way, but the second you sit down to do it, you realize you have loads of questions. How steep should it be? How wide should it be? Does it need cleats or rungs? If so, what size should those be? How far apart should those be?

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Raise roosts and add a droppings board. Roosts can also be wall-mounted versus a ladder style roost system that attaches to the floor. Adding a suspended droppings board beneath the roosts creates clean, usable floor space. Chicken Coop Designs, Diy Chicken Coop Plans, Diy Chicken Coop, Backyard Chicken Coop Plans, Chicken Coop Plans, Backyard Chicken Coops, Building A Chicken Coop, Chicken Coop, Backyard Chicken Farming

The desire to add different breeds and feather patterns to a backyard flock is irresistible. The only compelling constraint on this force is space. Read on to learn how to maximize space in the chicken yard.

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