Childhood stories

Rediscover the magic of your childhood with these captivating stories that will transport you back in time. Dive into a world of imagination and nostalgia with these top picks.
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We all have stories from our childhood that makes us want to bury ourselves deep in the sand. However, sometimes, these stories are what best defines our characters. When twitter user @chrelisem started a funny thread asking "What's a childhood anecdote that says a lot about you?" quite a few brave souls delivered their best stories. Scroll down below to read them and don't forget to share your defining moments in the comments

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No one can deny that children are creative. However, their creativity often gets them in trouble, so adults must keep an eye on them before disaster strikes. And while parents worry about what their kids will think of next, twitter users share moments from their own childhood to remind everyone that children are never boring.

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