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Discover the funniest Christian comedians who will have you laughing out loud. Experience clean and uplifting comedy that will leave you feeling joyful and inspired.
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In a hilarious retelling of his childhood mishaps growing up in the church, comedian Michael Jr. keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the whole performance. The funniest thing about his routine, however, is not the individual stories but the overall irony of his sketch. Comedian Michael Jr. starts off his comedy

Linda Leslie
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If you’ve ever watched a comedian perform, you’ll know that it’s relatively hard to be funny. Jeff Allen has no problem making crowds chuckle at his witty jokes. He even has a bit about how teenagers are part of God’s revenge. No one ever said it was easy to raise a child. While there are

Connie Jordan
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Over the past few years, comedian John Crist has become increasingly popular online. He is known for making hilarious jokes that are relatable and appropriate for the whole family. In his latest video, he shares 17 hysterical ways that Christians can say no. It doesn’t matter if you need to turn down a date, a

Linda L.
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Technology is such a modern tool, and we sometimes wish we knew what life would be like if these tools existed earlier. Christian comedians John Crist and Trey Kennedy came up with their idea of what Bible characters would do with their iPhones at the time. The results were hilarious. We have access to some

Carole Wines
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Jeff Allen knows what it takes to stay happy in a marriage. His stand-up routine covers many of the hidden secrets of being a husband. Jim Gaffigan has made a career out of clean comedy. His legendary wit is unmatched, and he is living proof that you can be funny and family-friendly. Dry Bar Comedy

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