Chuck wagon

Explore delicious chuck wagon recipes that are perfect for outdoor cooking. From hearty stews to mouthwatering campfire desserts, find inspiration for your next outdoor adventure.
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Learn how to make food fit for a cowboy in your own home — or chuck wagon — kitchen. Editor’s Note: From our April feature on cowboy cook Kent Rollins, the following recipes are excerpted and adapted from Faith, Family & the Feast: Recipes to Feed Your Crew from the Grill, Garden, and Iron Skillet. Caveman Steak Makes 2 servings We’ve had more than 1 million views of this on our YouTube channel, because it’s such a great way to cook a steak. Instead of using the grill, we dig a hole in the…


The idea of the chuck box came from the Old West cattle drives. Contrary to what most people think, the chuck wagon wasn’t filled with food. Most of that space was taken up by the cowboys’ bedrolls, which could get quite heavy, as they contained pretty much all of the cowboy’s possessions. The chuck box ... Read more

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