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5 Common Classroom Management Issues in High School - Reading and Writing Haven

Looking for effective classroom management policies and procedures for secondary classrooms? Here are 5 key starting points!

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Strategies and ideas for what to do when a student refuses to complete work. Ideas for elementary, middle, and high school teachers to help kids and teens who are oppositional about completing work in class. #specialeducation #pathway2success De Escalation Strategies, Discussion Strategies For Elementary, Working With Defiant Students, How To Help Teachers, De-escalation Strategies, Aba Behavior Management, Calming Strategies For Adults, Coregulation Strategies, De Escalation Techniques Adults

What To Do When a Student Refuses to Work

Throughout my years teaching middle school, I have had the experience of seeing many "work refusals". These are the situations when kids, for a variety of reasons, just refuse to start the work you give them. They might shut down and rest their head on their desk or lash out in anger, shouting about

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These strategies will improve your classroom management and help you reach your students so... Classroom Management Strategies Middle School, High School Classroom Management Ideas, 6th Grade Classroom Management, Secret Student Classroom Management, Middle School Classroom Management Ideas, Junior High Classroom Management, Classroom Management Middle School, High School Classroom Management, Middle School Management

Five Hacks to Improve your Classroom Management - RETHINK Math Teacher

These strategies will improve your classroom management and help you reach your students so...

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Using Positive Reinforcement as a Classroom Management Tool at the Secondary Level

Stop negative behavior in your classroom before it starts by reinforcing your expectations and recognizing positive student behaviors. With two simple tools, I successfully managed student behavior at the secondary level. A ticket system and "shout outs" are little to no cost, require little work for you as the teacher, and will encourage on task, positive behavior from your middle school and high school students.