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Unleash your creativity in a clay studio and create artistic masterpieces. Explore top ideas and techniques to make unique clay sculptures and pottery.
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Step into our sleek clay studio, where minimalist principles are leveraged to maximize creativity. Embrace the clean lines, uncluttered space, and minimalist aesthetic that provide the perfect backdrop for artistic exploration. This thoughtfully designed studio allows your creativity to flourish, enabling you to focus on the essence of your craft and unlock yourfull creative potential. #ClayStudio #MinimalistDesign #MaximizingCreativity #ArtisticExploration

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A pottery studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, provided an opportunity to explore a new design program. Bklyn Clay is a modern ceramics studio for potters, artists, production clay workers and hobbyists. It is also the home to the first community gas kiln in Brooklyn. Implementing a consistent natural palette and the client’s desire to create a spacious, airy and light interior guided the design. The pragmatics of equipment, sequence, work stations, and circulation dictated the layout…

Marianne Toft
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I've been doing this pottery thing for a good 2 years now and over that time I've collected some things that I can't live without in the studio. I hope you enjoy this blogpost, if you have any question: let me know! 1. Plaster boards I use my plaster boards every day. Mostly to wedge my clay, but also use them to recycle clay or to dry out pieces that I’ve thrown on the wheel but flopped. I have a few different kinds of plaster boards. One big one (45 by 45 cm), which I use mostly to wedge…

Jan Curran