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Anywhere Key - The key I want most from the Locke & Key comic book series Key Tattoos, Sleeve Tattoos, Game Tattoos, Tattoo Key, Rosary Tattoos, Crown Tattoos, Bracelet Tattoos, Heart Tattoos, Skull Tattoos

The Anywhere Key is one of the Keys created by Benjamin Locke. The Anywhere Key was forged by Benjamin Locke some time between June 2nd - 24th, 1775 In 1915, John Locke used the key to get to Europe to fight Germans in World War One. He later used it to connect a Keyhouse door to the Titanic, in an attempt to destroy Keyhouse and kill himself. In 1927, Mary Locke gave the Anywhere Key to Alex Burgess, so when he left, she could use Dream's symbols of power, in an effort to save her brother…