Clean air

Create a healthier environment with these clean air ideas. Discover tips and tricks to purify the air in your home and breathe easier.
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ExxonMobil has agreed to pay a penalty and improve pollution control at three Baton Rouge plants as part of a settlement with federal authorities who accused the company of violating the Clean Air Act.

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If you’ve ever questioned whether you need or should invest in an air purifier, you’re not alone. Many households are searching for ways to keep their spaces protected against unhealthy air conditions. According to the EPA, one of the most effective ways to improve indoor air is to get rid of pollutants and ventilate with a clean air source. Enter air purifiers. These devices have the ability to filter out dirty particles, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and smoke (more on that later).

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Is the air inside your home healthier than the air outside? Even after the smog's probably not! Breathe cleaner, healthier air by following these 12 simple tips. How to clean the air inside your house naturally. Easy to follow tips, hacks and changes to make.

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