Cleaning fridge hacks

Discover simple and effective hacks to clean your fridge and keep it fresh. Say goodbye to dirt and odors with these easy tips and tricks.
How to get your (messy, icky) fridge sparkly clean in 3 minutes flat! - The Creek Line House Cleaning Recipes, Household Cleaning Tips, Household Help, Clean Fridge, Diy Cleaners, Cleaners Homemade, Clean Laundry, Natural Cleaning Products, House Cleaning Tips

How to get your (messy, icky) fridge sparkly clean in 3 minutes flat!

OK, honestly, I always feel a little silly posting these little cleaning tips/tricks/thoughts/whatevers. They're always either just old-fashioned tricks or plain ol' common sense, but they're just so well-received by you good people of the internet, I just feel like I must go on! This one in particular is near and dear to my heart. I love the feeling of peace and control that I have with a decently well-organized fridge, and a system for getting it back that way when it inevitably gets a…

Tammy Thornton
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Quick tips for cleaning a fridge

There is nothing worse than a stinky-smelling fridge hoarded with bacteria and fungi. The presence of a functional refrigerator in a kitchen is not only convenient but also a thing to worry about when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning a disorganized fridge can seem like a hassle but it is vital to prevent foul-smelling fridges to keep your food fresh. However, with the few quick tips to clean fridge listed below, it can be something close to a piece of cake. #cleaningtips #fridgecleaning