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Capture the beauty of your clothes with these creative photography ideas. Learn how to take stunning pictures that showcase your fashion sense and style.
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On the third floor of a big red brick warehouse in Lower Price Hill, there is vintage clothing. A lot of it—10,000 square feet full, to be exact. Pixel 19 Vintage and Sweet Dahlia Vintage took up residence there six years ago, though Stu Nizny, the owner and only-ever employee of Pixel 19, has been […]

So helpful! 10 tips to have a sucussful Instagram closet sale (click through for more) Outfits, Instagram, Studio, Selling Clothes Online, Instagrammer, Online Thrift, Online Boutique, Consignment Shops, Garage Sales

There are so many ways to try and make a little extra cash off of your unworn clothes these days—consignment shops, eBay, garage sales…lots of formats to choose from. Another option that you may not have considered is to do a closet sale on Instagram and extend your reach to your Internet friends as well.…

Amanda Eatherton-Horton
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Taking photos of clothing for your eCommerce store doesn't have to be complicated. Here's a quick list of tips and tricks on how to take photos of clothing for your online store.

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