Complete the story

Unlock your storytelling potential and learn creative ways to complete the story. Explore techniques, tips, and inspiration to bring your narratives to life.
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Reading comprehension, writing exercises and critical thinking all in one worksheet which can also be used as the basis for conversation or a classroom discussion. Suitable for group work as well. REMARK: THE PREVIEW OF THIS HANDWRITTEN WORKSHEET LOOKS A BIT UNTIDY, BUT ONCE YOU DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE QUALITY IS ACCEPTABLE. Students can be ask to tell their story to the class in order to practice speaking or presentation skills. - ESL worksheets

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The Ugly Duckling is a fill in the blank story worksheet. It is about a duckling who is born different from the others and is rejected by them. The duckling tries to find its place in the world and eventually learns to accept itself for who it is. This fill-in-the-blanks worksheet will give your child.