Composer study

Immerse yourself in the rich world of composers and their music with these engaging composer study ideas. Discover the lives, works, and legacies of renowned composers and enhance your appreciation for classical music.
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Inside you’ll find: picture books about composers, full of living ideas perfect for a Charlotte Mason picture study. Have you ever met a person that hated all types of music? Yeah, me either. Unfortunately, I know far too many people that don’t appreciate classical music. Maybe because they weren’t exposed to it at a young [...]

Monthly Composer Unit Study: J.S. Bach - Year Round Homeschooling Worksheets, Music Theory, Elementary Music, Montessori, Music Lesson Plans, Composer Study, Teaching Music, Homeschool Music, Music Lessons

These Composer Studies have been a huge hit with you all!! I am so glad you’re enjoying them! If you ever think of anyone you would like to see, please feel free to Contact Us and let us know. If you’ve been around the music world at all, you have likely heard of J.S. Bach. But, even if …

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