Crab nebula

Discover the mesmerizing wonders of the Crab Nebula and learn about its fascinating features. Dive into the world of astronomy and unravel the mysteries of this celestial phenomenon.
Watch: What Will Happen In 10 Quintillion Years From Now Galaxies, Hubble Space Telescope, Astronomy, Periodic Table, Supernova Explosion, Astrophysics, Neutron Star, Supernova, Astronomer

Watch: What Will Happen In 10 Quintillion Years From Now

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This is the hairy component of the Crab Nebula, in stark contrast to the swirly component. I see no way of illustrating the complete and utter dichotomy of structures contained within this single nebula than to post two separate images of it. You might be used to seeing the Crab with much different colors. This is a narrowband image and assigning colors to narrowband filters is often done arbitrarily, but I've always found the portrayal of the Crab's colors to be much different from typical…

Lin Kerns