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Explore a collection of creepy comics that will send shivers down your spine. Get ready for an eerie adventure with these chilling and suspenseful stories.
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2 years ago we (writer Ehud Lavski and illustrator Yael Nathan), began creating short comics and uploading them to the internet. The only thing we hoped for was that they will find an audience and will resonate with people. So far, our comics have been read over 10 Million times and many people have a strong emotional response when reading them.

Steven King
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Silent Horror is a popular webcomic from DarkBox by veteran Malaysian comic artist KS. These comics are not only terrifying but use absolutely no dialogue. The following stories are told with only images and is up to your interpretation.

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Ben Chen is a Taiwanese artist whose eerie horror comic tales with unexpected humorous twists have captured the imaginations of lovers of spooky things. With over 4K followers on Flickr, Ben's drawing style is described as dark, hilarious, and full of imagination. As a massive fan of movies, Ben enjoys the creative freedom his imagination allows him in creating something out of nothing.

Nicole Segich
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The comic series "Fruit Gone Bad" imagines a world where fruits, vegetables, and other foods are able to speak and share their thoughts. The cartoons are created by a New York cartoonist and feature quirky and twisted versions of food characters, as well as other objects, doing everyday activities like humans do and having their own social lives.

John Cena