Cub scout patches

Discover a wide range of unique and creative Cub Scout patch ideas to celebrate and showcase each achievement. Find the perfect patches to inspire and motivate your Cub Scouts today.
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I love that my son Buddy enjoys scouting. He learns so many great skills, spends quality time with his Dad, and gets a chance to observe and model his behavior after some really great teenage boys. What I don’t like, have always dreaded in fact, was sewing on the patches when he went up a... Keep Reading

Sam AF
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One of the best things about Cub Scouts is that the boys get so many awards, like patches, for participating in activities. One of the worst things about Cub Scouts is that the boys get so many patches. The pins and belt loops are not a problem, now that we have a display in place. It only takes a minute to add additional pins and belt loops to the display each month, which includes the time to remove them from the packaging and peel off those annoying cling films. But the patches... ugh…

Allona Metcalf
Do Something Creative {DAILY}: Cub Scout Patch Sash...can I trademark that? Food For Thought, Cubs, Boy Scout Sash, Cub Scout Patches, Girl Scout Sash, Boy Scout Patches, Cub Scout Crafts, Cub Scout Activities, Patches Display

Yeah, the name. Cub Scout Patch Sash...can I trademark that? Food for thought. My son the cub scout has outgrown his red patch sweatshirt and decided he doesn't want the red windbreaker jackets the pack purchased for the boys. These jackets are handy for outings, and for the boys to proudly display the patches they receive from various outings, activities, community service projects, etc. I find this very odd, as he's an avid patch-shower-offer and he's clearly outgrown the red patch…

Kelly McMahon