Curl lashes

Discover the secrets to perfectly curled lashes with these expert tips. Enhance your eye makeup and make your lashes appear longer and more defined.
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Despite her busy lifestyle, Martha Stewart always has time to look perfectly polished. Here, we're sharing the beauty products our founder and her longtime makeup artist, Daisy Toye, swear by. From everyday basics to elevated essentials, these are the items Martha keeps in her makeup bag.

Lauren Elizabeth Monroe

What are L curl extensions, and how do you use them? When should you use L curl lashes? How can I make my eyelash extensions go faster? What are L curl lashes, and how do they work? When it comes to the choice of eyelash curl, many clients new to lash extensions have a hard time making up their minds. Since they cannot distinguish between the different curls, they ask their lash artist to choose. Being one of these lash artists, I have had a lot of experience with the different eyelash curls…

Iveta Todorova
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NYX Angel Powder Blush This is a really, really old blush that I bought back in secondary school and though I used to use it a lot, new blushes took it's place, so it lay forgotten in my drawer. It's a matte, dusty baby pink shade that gives that cute, rosy-blushy look to the cheeks (sorry, I have no swatches of it). The quality is nice, especially for a drugstore matte blush, but I hear this shade was reformulated, so I'm not sure if they sell the same thing any more. I'd like to get more…

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