Curl pattern chart

Explore our curl pattern chart to find the perfect match for your hair. Learn about different curl types and discover products and styling techniques to enhance your natural curls.
Curl pattern
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How To Identify Your Curl Type and Pattern Straight hair is pretty simple to identify, but it’s much harder to figure out your wavy or curly hair texture. Many can misidentify their hair as curly when it's actually wavy and vice versa. Today, we are going to break it down for you so you can choose the best products and techniques to make your natural pattern look its absolute best. Generally, hair texture is grouped into four different types: Straight (Type 1)Wavy (Type 2)Curly (Type 3)Kinky…

Hair Type Chart

A hair type chart is a useful tool that can help you identify your hair type. It categorizes hair into different types based on factors such as curl pattern,

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Shortly after discovering the curly girl method and realizing my hair was wavy, I wanted to know what my curl pattern was. I don’t really even know why I wanted to know. I just did. I looked at curl pattern charts and found most of them really confusing. I thought I would make a wavy […]

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