Custom matches

Personalize your matches with custom designs for a one-of-a-kind experience. Explore top ideas to create custom matches that add a special touch to any event or gathering.
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Let the sparks fly on your special day with these beautiful and stylish matchboxes. Celebrate your status and Mr. and Mrs. on the front, and add your personalized text on the back. Great for pairing with some candles or for complementing your cigar bar, these personalized matches make excellent take aways and party favors for your wedding or bridal shower. Each matchbox holds about 19 wooden white tipped wooden matchsticks inside and is custom made in the colors of your choice, perfect for…

Gillian Saccameno
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✈️ Free Express Shipping 😍 Best Service and Quality in US 🛳️ Ready to Ship in 1-2 Weeks 🌎 Shipped worldwide in 2-4 Business Days ⏱️ Free Preview will be shared in 1 Week! 📌Our matchboxes are not stickers. We print our own designs directly onto the matchbox. They are produced specifically for your order. Tell us what inspires you and we'll design it for you. Are you ready to decorate your matches with personalized designs from Laldie? You can push your limits. Your inspirations, memories…

Jess Ri
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these custom wedding matches make a great wedding favor because everyone can ALWAYS use them. They're small, easy to fit on your wedding tables, and add to your decor with these beautiful custom designs. Did you know there are ten different kinds of custom matchboxes for weddings? It's true...

georgia sprague