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Long before ‘bike build off’ competitions became popular with manufacturers, Deus held one every year—in the car park next to their original store in Sydney, Australia. The Deus contest is now a global event, and attracts a weird and wonderful selection of amateur builds. This year’s overall winner was a humble Honda S90 converted to electric power. It beat out over 200 other entries and was built for the princely sum of just $929. The man behind the moped is Aaron Laniosz, a designer who…

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An email came in from Adam Farris from O’Malleys Speed n Kustom. A speed-freak two stroke lunatic talking about racing small little motorcycles on booze. Don’t let the Irish name fool you. Adam’s probably sober as a whistle when he’s speeding, it’s the bikes that are on the drink. This one has bikerMetric written all over ...

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In 1970s Europe, every teenager had a favorite set of wheels. In England, it was 'sixteener specials,' highly tuned mopeds like the Yamaha FS1-E. In France, Mobylettes were everywhere. And in Germany, three makers dominated: Zündapp, Hercules and Kreidler. For young Danny Schramm and friends, the weapon of choice was a two-stroke Kreidler Florett. 'You wore a denim vest, fitted large mirrors, and reamed out the exhaust,' he recalls. 'With some 'tuning' you could be faster than the villain…