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Prepare for your upcoming dance audition and increase your chances of success. Learn the key techniques and strategies to showcase your talent and stand out from the competition.
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What are the best ways to prepare for an audition? Photo by Levi Walker, Courtesy CTG “Research as much as you can about the project or choreographer. When a dancer is prepared, they tend to be more focused, more relaxed and really able to show themselves at their best. If the choreographer happens to be […]

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Over the term, our Contemporary Course students have had the opportunity to explore and train in a diverse range of contemporary dance styles! Check... | dance, student, audition

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Figuring out how to avoid getting cut in a musical theater audition can feel like a mystery. "It's not just about your technique, it's about the whole package of the person," says Justin Bohon, a casting director at Binder Casting, whose clients include

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You’ve been dancing your whole life, so when it comes time to start auditioning for musicals, it’s not the dance portion you’re worried about. You can time step and piqué turn with the best of ’em. But at musical theater auditions, there’s new lingo to learn, and you can’t just show up with your tap shoes hoping for the best. What if you have to sing? What is an “audition book”? What are you supposed to do with sheet music?