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Elevate your style with dark academia outfits that exude sophistication and intellect. Discover top ideas to create timeless and elegant looks that showcase your love for literature and learning.
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70+ Stunning Dark Academia Outfits Female for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

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Mya Cooper
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Wonderful Mischief (Fred Weasley x Reader x George Weasley)

Friends. That's all that they ever were to her, but is that all that they will continue to be? ...... Along with many others, Fred and George had always been some of Y/n's closest friends, but come her fifth year, it seems that they took a new kind of liking to her. She spent a lot of her time with the two, pulling pranks and messing around - just having fun with two of her best friends, not worrying about anything changing. Without her knowledge and to her surprise, it seemed that the twins…

Emma P.