Dark disney princess

Explore the enchanting world of Dark Disney Princess art and cosplay. Discover top ideas to bring a unique twist to your favorite princesses and unleash your inner darkness.
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Cleveland Mcmath

Many of the fairy tales we love most were originally written by the Brothers Grimm – many years before these tales were turned into successful Disney movies. The writers did everything they could to preserve the German myths and fables – and made them available to future generations. They did this primarily from a linguistic […]

Carol Riley
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Sometimes good things come with a dark past. Surprisingly enough, the inspiration behind many of our all-time favorite Disney classics originates from a twisted and disbursing history.We hate to ruin any childhood memories of the innocent and magical Happily Ever After. Although, if you’ve ever wondered about the meaning behind some of the most well-known and admired Disney films, here are the deep and dirty stories behind them.