Different leadership styles

Discover the various leadership styles and find the one that suits you best. Learn how different leadership styles can impact your team and drive success in your organization.
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Collaborative leadership is a philosophy, says leadership training consultant Stacey Olson. She created this attractive, plain-spoken poster to emphasize the difference between traditional styles of leadership and one where the leader "becomes a facilitator instead of an authority figure and allows

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Inside: Learn how to describe your leadership style for interviews with this guide from a career coach. Every time I get off a career coaching call I think "Dang, we need to be talking about THIS more." Today's *THIS* is leadership style and all the different ways you can be a leader. As a career

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1. TransparencyTransparency in a team definitely builds trust. If everything’s being transparent in the team, the trust with one another will increase.2. Stop the habit of BlamingLet go even if it’s that one team member’s mistake. Stop blaming. Support the person altogether as a team. Work on correcting the mistake—what better way than this to build team trust. Instead of blaming, try to do the next step in finding a solution. Don’t make the person who did a mistake fee ‘left-out.’ It can…

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