Diy hidden litter box plant

Discover how to hide your cat's litter box in plain sight with these creative DIY plant ideas. Transform your space with these clever and stylish solutions.
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You know your cat has to go to the bathroom somewhere, but sometimes you really wish you could keep kitty’s litter box more hidden. We shared an article about litter box benches recently, and those appeal to you. Still, there’s got to be more options out there, right? Yes, but you have to get a […]

Terri Grad
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About this item Original Style & Design | The Original Hidden Litter Box from Good Pet Stuff is a high quality and uniquely designed enclosed cat litter box fashioned as a planter with a faux plant. Designed for cats of all sizes, multi-cat households and for other small pets. The White Birch litter box is ideal for any room or space in your home or office, providing a sleek and functional litter box. Size | The Original Hidden Litter Box Planter is big enough for your cat, dog, rabbit, and…