Diy pumpkin seeds

Discover easy and tasty DIY pumpkin seed recipes to make at home. Learn how to roast, season, and enjoy this healthy snack that is perfect for any occasion.
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For the recipe for toasted pumpkin seeds, allow your pumpkin seeds to dry overnight. (See our directions on how to do that in the post.) It is the trick to making this pumpkin seeds recipe super crispy. If you want seasoned pumpkin seeds with different flavoring, be sure to read all the way through the recipe. The flavorings are listed at the end.

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Discover a delightful culinary journey with our 6 must-try pumpkin seed recipes. From savory bites to sweet treats, For pasta, for dip, for sweet tooth, energy bars, for salads, for chicken, for fish, for soups! pumpkin seeds recipe, roasted pumpkin seeds recipe, air fryer pumpkin seeds

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