Diy wool

Get inspired with these creative DIY wool crafts and projects. Learn how to make unique and beautiful items using wool, from cozy blankets to stylish accessories.
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This tutorial shows children how to make wonderful wool flowers. It is easy to make your own colorful and one-of-a-kind flowers with the step-by-step instructions and pictures. It is great for crafting or giving as a creative present. Welcome to this wool flowers step-by-step tutorial! In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to […]

Sharon Turner
How to make a DIY loom (that actually works) in less than five minutes, using leftover cardboard! Great for group crafts, kids weaving, bachelorette party activities and baby shower activities. Diy Crafts, Yarn Crafts, Diy, Crafts, Diy Weaving, Weaving Projects, Weaving For Kids, Loom Knitting, Diy And Crafts

Do you have a loom? Have you tried weaving? If you've been wanting to jump on this fiber trend but feel like buying a loom is a bit daunting, did you know it's super easy to make a DIY loom... and that DIY looms actually work great?! Here's how to make a sweet little mini DIY loom (that actually works) in less than five minutes! All you need is a scrap of cardboard (the flap of a box works great) and you're good to go. First, cut your cardboard to size. We used a piece about 4" x 6". You can…

Lora Smith