Dog breath

Say goodbye to bad dog breath and keep your furry friend's mouth healthy. Discover effective tips to freshen up your dog's breath and improve their overall oral hygiene.
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Stinky dog breath? A treat recipe for your dog you can feel good about

A simple 3-ingredient recipe that promotes oral health for your pup, AND helps with their bad breath. *IMPORTANT* These "treats" are to be given intermittently/sparingly. It is advised to speak with your veterinarian before giving your pet any of the listed ingredients in these treats.

Debbie Merkes
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Natural Foods For Dogs Bad Breath

Sometimes dogs' smell depends on what we feed them, some foods are good for their breath and some are not. Here are the all-natural foods for dog bad breath. If you are serious about your dog's bad breath then you must check the site given here. #naturalfoodsfordogbadbreath #dogsbadbreathtips #foodsfordogs #dogfoods #naturalfoodfordogs #dogsbadbreath Cre @wobbegongclh

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