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Discover heartwarming tales of courageous dogs who have saved lives and become true heroes. Learn about their incredible feats and be amazed by the loyalty and bravery of man's best friend.
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Dogs have long been involved in warfare, and their use on the battlefield goes back several thousand years. They were used in various capacities by the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks, and the Romans, and they're still used to this day as scouts, trackers, sentries, and mine detection dogs. Approximately 5,000 US military dogs served during the Vietnam War, and dogs have been in combat with US soldiers during every major conflict. In homage to these incredibly animals, Bored Panda has…

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This woman crashed her vehicle on a secluded road. A stray dog saved her life and earned his new name, Hero. #dog #rescuedog #dogvideos #pets #animals #dogs #rescuedogs #animalvideos #hero #sweet via @dailypetbuzz Pet Dogs, Dogs, Rescue Dogs, Search And Rescue Dogs, Dog Stories, Best Dogs, Pet Birds, Doggy Stuff, Dog Videos

When Shannon was driving down a rural Georgia road, she was going way too fast, and crashed in an area she would likely not be found. No one seemed to have noticed her or her truck when they drove past the accident sight on the road. But some time after her accident, she felt a

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