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Get ready to laugh with these funny dog jokes and memes. Discover the best dog humor that will bring a smile to your face and make you appreciate your furry friend even more.
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Today we’d like you to meet a talented artist, Maria Scrivan. Maria is a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning syndicated cartoonist. And to top it off, Scrivan has also released great novel series,“Nat Enough” and “Forget Me Nat” over the past two years, with “Absolutely Nat” coming out this September. However, today, we’d like to focus on Maria’s comics.

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If you own a dog, you've probably had an urge to turn them into a meme at some point. From their facial expressions to their adorable clinginess, these fluffy animals can surprise you, make you laugh or even cry. Maybe you did give in to those intrusive thoughts and now they’ve been immortalized on the internet forever.

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German Shepherds have the best personalities and they are always there for you, whether you need to cry, have fun, or laugh. The faces they make, their head tilts, and their silly antics will always make you smile. Put these together in a meme, and you will be laughing all day! We've gathered some of the funniest German Shepherd memes that will have you laughing all day! 1. Interesting... 2. And that is why they are called Velcro dogs! :) 3. Hilarious! 4. You can have all the treats you…

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