Dog ramp

Help your furry friend navigate safely with these convenient and safe dog ramp ideas. Discover how to make your pet's life easier and more comfortable with a simple solution.
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Basic Bed Ramp for a Small\older Dog : When you have a smaller dog breed like a shih tzu you have to work around things like short legs and limited vertical jumping abilities for tasks like jumping up on the bed. I was also thinking about the future when he gets older and is even less mo…

Hayley Hoppe
Inexpensive Doggie Ramp (with Pictures) - Instructables

Inexpensive Doggie Ramp: A PET RAMP FOR BOO Pet ramps are expensive! I looked at the cost of these things and thought that $100.00 to $180.00 was too much to pay so I thought that I'd design my own with common items found at Home Depot. My intention was to be able to use t…

Kimberly Davis