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Explore the fascinating world of dog science and uncover exciting experiments and discoveries. Learn how science can help improve the understanding and well-being of our furry friends.
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©SBF 2015 Did you know that it was National Dog Week? You probably know a lot about your furry pal, like her favorite toys and treats, or his favorite place go for a walk. Although we are pretty familiar with dogs behavior and habits, how much do you actually know about the science of your dog? Did you know, for example, that your dog's nostrils work independently of one another so they can better pinpoint scents? Or that when your dog looks at you, the level of the hormone oxytocin (the…

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Chinese New Year STEM 2018 – Year of the Dog!

Chinese New Year STEM 2019! Pig-Themed STEM Challenge Ideas February 16th, 2018 celebrates the Year of the Pig! Here are some fun facts about the pig zodiac sign to share with your students! Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 8 Lucky days: the 17th and 24th of every Chinese lunar month Lucky colors: brown,

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Pet Animal Sensory Bin for Kids - Active Littles Pets Theme Sensory Bin, Pet Sensory Activities, Preschool Pet Sensory Bin, Pets Sensory Bin, Pets Lesson Plans For Toddlers, Pet Sensory Bin Preschool, Pet Sensory Bin, Pet Activities For Toddlers, Preschool Pets

Easy and Simple Pet Animal Sensory Bin for Kids. This sensory bin was so easy to put together and lots of fun! It is a puppy sensory bin and any small toys

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