Drawer shelves

Transform your cluttered space into an organized oasis with these creative drawer shelf ideas. Discover how to maximize storage and create a stylish look with drawer shelves.
repurposed drawer ideas  http://bec4-beyondthepicketfence.blogspot.com/2014/03/projects-galore-with-drawers.html  With a couple of wooden shelves, this drawer is super functional.   If you need a drawer and live in New York, come check out ReHouse for dozens of shapes and sizes of salvaged drawers!  www.rehouseny.com Furniture Makeover, Home Décor, Diy Furniture, Upcycled Furniture, Repurposed Furniture, Drawers Repurposed, Repurposed Items, Furniture Diy, Furniture Projects

Drawers--I like to say that word in either a southern drawl or with an English accent--it just is more fun. Are your drawers at home neat and organized? Do you have a junk drawer? More than one? I have picked up lonely drawers here and there (and by here and there I mean restore places, the side of the road, from too far gone dressers) over the years and created various things from them. I have some looking up from their cold, dusty spots in the garage begging me to use them. Thought I would…

ReHouse Architectural Salvage
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Hello dear friends! I've got another makeover to share today from my last thrifting haul. Working through these pieces one by one has actually stopped me from thrifting until I get these all done. It is the best thing ever! I shared a peek of today's piece on Thursday: I actually picked up two small

Lisa Kleinschmidt
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I had found all these old drawers at the recycle center last summer and I thought they had potential. So I decided to paint them all different colors and try to sell them. I thought someone could use them as storage or just a neat decor idea. Well no one wanted them and they sat and sat, then my husband of all people suggested I stack them up to make a shelf! Here it is an up-cycled drawer shelf I thought would work great for all the kids dvd's. (oops my dog feels the need to stand right in…

Joy Heywood
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I have a new project I've been working on lately and I've been using a lot of the stuff I have stored away in my basement. I am redoing one of my kids rooms trying to make room for our next baby that will be due in April. We had a bunk bed in this room previously. No one wanted to sleep on the top bunk, and I felt uncomfortable letting the little one up there. So we're starting from scratch and re-doing the whole room for two of the girls. I want to show each of the projects individually and…

Jeanne Bollenbach Stuemke
Dresser drawers as kitchen shelving (cuz cabinets are ridiculously expensive) Home Décor, Ikea, Diy Furniture, Repurposed Furniture, Drawers Repurposed, Home Diy, Diy Möbel, Drawers, Home Projects

BHG Yesterday we talked about dressers with missing drawers and how they can be turned into a beautiful display piece. What about if your dresser falls apart but you still have decent drawers? Or maybe you come across a few spare drawers at a yard sale…maybe you even REMOVED a drawer from a perfectly good dresser so you could show of grandma’s quilts? A few weeks ago we priced medicine cabinets for our boys bathroom–the cheapest one I found was $79. I’m not paying that~I love the idea of…