Dresser bed

Transform your bedroom with a unique dresser bed that combines style and functionality. Explore top ideas to maximize space and create a cozy retreat in your bedroom.
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We’re in the process of renovating what used to be my son’s room into a “modern farmhouse style” bedroom for my daughter. Since my girls are both teenagers now, they need their own space, so we moved my son into the guest room and my youngest into his room. The desire of her heart was... View Post

Lori Iverson
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There are many reasons to spruce up your bedroom. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment, rearranging for a new season, or welcoming a new addition to the family, a remodelled bedroom is always a good idea. Sometimes, you may simply want more space for storage. With the use of creativity, the humble IKEA furniture and products can be used to transform your bedroom into an oasis of comfort. Follow these simple hacks and DIY Ideas to make your bedroom sparkle. From wallpape