Dupont lighter

Discover the elegance of a Dupont lighter and add a touch of sophistication to your everyday routine. Explore top designs and find the perfect lighter to showcase your personal style.
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About this item yellow frame *Gas: Special gas injection type (sold separately) * Accessories: Warranty card, instruction manual (English language not guaranteed) *The "pean" opening and closing noise is not all lighters. There may be differences depending on the finish and individual differences, and the sound quality will change according to use

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A beautiful and elegant S.T. Dupont Paris Line 1 black lacquer/gold plated lighter with Japanese details in red. . Brand: S.T. Dupont Paris. . Model: Ligne 1. . Engraved: Yes, “UR”. . Code: 57BL80 . Color: Black/gold plate finish. . Measures: ~58mm x ~35mm x ~12mm. . Weight: 105g . Made in France. Condition: Pre-owned … S.T. Dupont Vintage Black Laque de Chine Gold Ligne 1 Large Lighter Read More »