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When a person's face shows emotions, the eyes, eye brows, and mouth all move in specific ways. This movement is called facial expressions....learn how to draw theme with the cartoon facial expressions with the chart below. Practice drawing the facial expressions by looking at this chart as well as studying yourself in the mirror while making silly faces.

Lou Heck
ISSUU - Cartoon Faces: How to Draw Heads, Features & Expressions (Cartoon Academy) by Sixth&Spring Books Easy Cartoon Characters, Easy Cartoon Drawings, Cartoon Sketches, Cartoon Styles, Character Design Cartoon, Illustration Character Design, Character Design References, Cartoon Design, Animation Character

A great character begins with the face! From the world's best-selling author of how-to-draw books, Christopher Hart, comes this comprehensive and fun guide to drawing cartoon faces. From head shapes to features to hairstyles, Chris shows in step-by-step detail how to create funny characters of all types, from mischievous schoolboys to glamorous gals. Cartoon Faces is a must-have for any artist who wants to create eye-catching human faces!