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Enhance your ELA lessons with interactive centers that promote active participation and improve literacy skills. Explore top ideas to create an engaging and effective learning environment for your students.
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When I started at my new school last year, I came into a new reading program. I was used to doing almost all of my reading instruction WHOLE CLASS, but my school uses a guided reading model all the way up to 5th grade. I definitely had to rethink my reading block! I had done centers in the past, but wanted a really clear way to maximize the time and make the transitions clear for the students. Here's how I do my guided reading block! ROTATIONS We have Guided Reading/Centers Monday-Thursday…

Laura White
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Math centers make me leap with joy, and so this blog series is a blast to write! Today we are talking about math center schedules. If you missed any of the other posts in the series, you can click below to get caught up. Part 1: Why You Need to Have Math Centers Part 2:

Dawn Brown Armstrong
Find out how to set up literacy centers in your upper elementary classroom, as part of your reading program in this post by The Teacher Next Door. 6th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Reading, Elementary Reading Centers, Upper Elementary Literacy, Upper Elementary Reading, Elementary Literacy, 3rd Grade Classroom, 4th Grade Classroom, Elementary Reading

Whether you call them literacy centers or literacy stations, big kids at the upper elementary level love center time and get so much out of it! How do literacy centers benefit kids? They add variety to learning and to the routine. They allow teachers to easily differentiate learning. They are a great way to help cover and reinforce all of the standards. They give students a place to practice important social skills, like collaboration, problem-solving, and communication. So how do you set up…

The Teacher Next Door
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Do you reinvent the wheel every single week when it comes to centers, word work, stations.....whatever you happen to call them? Yeah, me too! I know better, I swear I do but it just never fails. I am here today to tell you that there IS A BETTER WAY! Let me begin by saying I am a big fan of Daily 5. I run my room about as closely to the Daily 5 model as possible but this is one area I just never could give in on. The sisters suggest having out materials for students to build words, write…

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