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Enhance your stitching skills with stunning embroidery rose designs and patterns. Explore a variety of techniques and create your own masterpiece with these inspiring ideas.
Hand embroidery design- red roses, pink flowers and tiny cute white flowers  Cast On stitch is a very beautiful stitch that makes best ... Embroidery, Roses, Crochet, Art, Pink, Design, 3d, Embroidery Designs, Embroidery Stitches

Hello embroidery enthusiasts! moved my blog to a new address, "Inventive Ideas by Ankaila" and I'll be thrilled to welcome you there! Once you click on this link, you'll be able to access the upgraded and even more delightful version of the embroidery tutorial you've been wanting to see on this page, now waiting for you on my new blog. The refreshed editions of the embroidery tutorials from my previous blog are now ready for you on my new blog. But wait, there's more! A world brimming with…

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Today's stitching time was spent playing with a couple of stitches in the company of one of my favorite embroidery books and my doodle cloth. The book is written in Japanese, so I can't make out a word from the instructions, but the photos and diagrams are almost sufficient to understand the stitches. Almost. To make out the rest of the "secrets", there's always the doodle cloth :) There was a cute little flower in the book, starting with some sort of a knot (if you know its proper name…

Maria Cunha
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Let's continue learning how to stitch dimensional flowers! This time we will take a look at cast-on stitch and how to use it to work pretty floral motifs. First of all, cast-on stitch is quite similar to bullion knot both in way of working (well, just to some extent) and in ways of using. So, if you don't know yet what is a bullion knot and how to work it, I recommend checking the linked post. By the way, choosing a needle is one more reason why cast-on stitch and bullion knot can be…

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