Empty wall space in kitchen

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What do you do with that empty space above kitchen cabinets? From plants and baskets, to vases and shelves, these 7 trendy ideas will help you decorate that awkward gap between your cabinets and ceiling!

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Floating shelves are a popular storage solution for many homes, providing a stylish and functional way to display and organize items. These shelves are called "floating" because they appear to be suspended in mid-air, with no visible brackets or supports. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding floating shelves to your home:1. They Maximize Space: Floating shelves take up minimal space while providing ample storage. Because they are mounted directly onto the wall, they do not…

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A peg shelf is the perfect way to add an element of organization to any room. 🎥: @helloimaubs (https://www.instagram.com/helloimaubs/)

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You guys! I found the best picture shelves on AMAZON and I just hung them up in our breakfast nook today. I was going to wait to share these til next week, but I'm so impressed with the quality of these shelves I wanted to share right away. They are so sturdy and well-made, plus

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