Evacuation kit

Prepare for emergencies with an evacuation kit that includes essential items. Find out what you need to stay safe and ready in uncertain situations.
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It seems that every time I inventory my preps I find things that are missing. It's usually something like that one time when my wife needed to send a couple water bottles to school and the easiest thing to grab was a couple out of a 72 Hour Kit, then we forgot to replace it.

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Emergencies that can displace us from our homes or leave us without our safety net can happen anywhere anytime. Being prepared for whatever comes is critical. I’ve got my evacuation go-bag set up by the front door during wildfire season, but it’s also important to have ready all year long. I’m shari

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Having a 72 hour kit packed and ready to use is a great idea! Suggestions for what to put in your 72 hour kit can be found here Another list is here Try not to get discouraged at the length of the list- pull together what you already have and make a plan to add to your kit as you can. There is no need to wait until you can afford the perfect backpack or fancy foods- just start with what you have on hand and build your kit from there! Tip: One blog I read said that the pop top cans they had…

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