Exotic animals

Explore the captivating world of exotic animals and learn about their unique characteristics and habitats. Get inspired to discover the beauty and diversity of wildlife around the globe.
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23 Albino Animals That Look Like They’re From Another Planet

Albinism is an innate melanin deficiency that results in a lack of color in skin, hair, fur, and the iris of the eye. In people, there is one albino in every 20 thousand newborns. Strangely, in Africa, to the South of the Sahara, they are born way more often. It is also interesting that not just people can be albino — animals can be albino too. It’s probably not easy to be a white tiger, a white owl, or a white giraffe in the wild world.

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Exotic Animal FAQs - Striped Hyena: Tiny True Scavenger

Ever googled 'exotic animals' and have never been able to find any new species? Anything original?Well, that's what I do. Every single day. Oof. Anyways, I made this book because it's very hard to find new species and more exotic ones to gaze at. Not all of these are exotic, forgive me, but atleast they look good. I scrounged the internet for these, so you're welcome. Anyways, let's start.

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