Extreme makeover

Experience a complete transformation of your space with an extreme makeover. Discover top ideas to revitalize your surroundings and create a fresh, new look.
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All changes are good - they are what help us escape monotony and make our lives more interesting. They don't have to be big - sometimes as much as a new pair of shoes, trying out a new restaurant or even a new haircut can be more than enough to change things up a little.

Cindy Palma
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Changing your hairstyle can do wonders for your self-esteem. Lithuanian hairstylist and founder of SelfStation, Jurgita Malakauskaitė, told Bored Panda that she has always had an innate sense for beauty and aesthetics and has known since her school days that she would become a hairdresser. She told us that her job is about more than just creating new haircuts: it’s about renewing clients’ confidence in themselves, giving them honest advice, and reminding women that they have to love…