Fall themed desserts

Indulge in the flavors of autumn with these mouthwatering fall themed desserts. From pumpkin pies to apple crumbles, discover the perfect treats to enjoy during the cozy season.
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Hello my dears... Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this beautiful Sunday evening.. Hope you are all enjoying this lovely season.. As you who read the blog know I am a Spring/Summer season lover. But I have to say that this Autumn that we are having here in eastern Canada is extraordinarily beautiful! So with that in mind I thought I would make a little Autumn post perse.. smile.. To begin though I want to let you know that these are not all my pics but also images that I found across the web…

Liss Moses
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FOLLOW THE NEW BLOG AT Being-Bianca.com for more crafts, recipes, decor, parties and FUN! Back from a restful week at the beach ... heavy sigh, I guess all good things do have to come to an end! Now that we are back, it definitely feels like a delayed close to summer and fall is in the air. As part of that, fall tennis is in high gear. As those ALTA Betty's in Atlanta tennis know, home matches mean food duty. As the host team, it's your responsibility to provide some delish treats, cold…

Shayla Anderson