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Learn how to properly use a feeding tube with these essential tips. Discover the best practices and techniques to ensure optimal nutrition and comfort for yourself or your loved one.
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We are approaching 1 year of feeding issues, and almost 10 months with a feeding tube. Now, I am NOT an expert or a medical professional, but I have learned a thing or two about life with a tube fed kiddo. Here are my top tips and tricks.1. Don't be afraid of the tube. Now this isn't really a tip or trick, but I feel it is life advice that every tube feeding family needs. In the beginning, it is easy tip toe and be AFRAID of the tube. Afraid to go out and handle tube life outside the safety…

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Recently someone said something to me about the boys’ feeding tubes that I haven’t been able to shake. The comment was, “It must be convenient to feed them when they’re sleeping.” This comment was not meant to be malicious at all, but it stings. And I’m going to explain why. Both boys have G-tubes, surgically implanted

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