Fire opal

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of fire opal jewelry. Find stunning rings, necklaces, and earrings that showcase the fiery elegance of fire opals. Shop now and add a touch of brilliance to your collection.
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Exploring the Spectrum of Radiant Beauty" embarks on a journey through the mesmerizing world of opals, where every stone tells a captivating story of light and color. From the fiery depths of #blackopals to the ethereal glow of #crystal #opals, opals enchant with their kaleidoscopic displays and iridescent allure. Each opal type reveals its own unique character, whether it's the vibrant play-of-color dancing across precious opals or the warm, fiery hues of fire opals. #opalodyssey,

Rainer Tornow
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Handmade Opal Pendant Necklace Very feminine Fire Opal Pendant, colors of bright and deep orange-red beautifully set in freehand molded 14K Solid Gold with white diamonds. It's definately an eye catcher. Opal: 10 x 14mm Natural Stone Cabochon Cut Eye Clean Nice Color Saturation From Mexico Diamonds 4 round brilliant cut Natural Diamonds SI in Clarity and G in Color Very sparkly .05 carats each .20 carats total Pendant: 8g 14K yellow gold with stone 14K Chain included 18" long

Triple Axel