Flea powder for dogs

Get rid of fleas on your dogs with our effective flea powder. Keep your furry friend happy and comfortable with our top-rated flea powder for dogs. Say goodbye to fleas and give your dog the relief they deserve.
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Fleas are a big pain. Anyone who has a pet knows how big of a problem they can be. Flea treatments can be toxic, expensive and have inconsistent results at best. But what about taking a more holistic approach? This is a great natural and homemade flea powder from Kelly of Primally Inspired. It worked for...Read On →

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Flea’s, ticks, and mosquito’s are especially bad now during these hot summer months. We have tried the prescription flea capsules on the back of the neck and while they work pretty good for about two weeks, after that they are not very effective. Also, due to of all the dangerous chemicals that they are made […]