Flowering plants

Enhance the beauty of your garden with a variety of flowering plants. Discover top ideas for adding vibrant colors and fragrant blooms to your outdoor space.
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Leafy green houseplants are wonderful (and many of them require little care), but why not expand your indoor gardening skills by adding a few flowering houseplants into the mix. Blooming plants inject vibrancy, color, and fragrance into your living space. Take a look at 20 of our favorite flowering houseplants to find inspiration for your next plant acquisition.

Alicia Harris

Flowering trees and shrubs deliver vibrant color to the yard, but most varieties bloom for only weeks at a time. If you want extended curb appeal, these 14 long-lasting stunners—a mix of annual and perennial plants—are your best bet. Not only do they bloom all summer long, they’re also easy to grow, versatile, and readily found at your favorite garden centers.