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Keep your home free from pesky flies with these effective fly swatter designs. Explore top ideas to eliminate flies and enjoy a bug-free environment.
Kill boring flies with this fly swapper

LARGE SWAT AREA:The fly swatter is designed with a 5.6"X6" large swat area which help you swat the fly or pesky bee more accurately. LONG HANDLE:This fly swatters make up with thicker ABS plastic that improve your speed when you swat flies.The 17.5" long handle allowing you to reach higher area that flies,bugs to stay. DURABLE PLASTIC:This fly swatter is made of heavy duty ABS plastic.It has good durability and flexibility which won't scratch or ruin your wall surfaces. FUNNY COLOR…

MegiGirl Girl
Fly Swatter,5 Pack Plastic Heavy Duty Manual Fly Killer, Long Handle Flyswatter, Large Bug Swatters That Work for Indoor and Outdoor Bugs And Insects, Manual, Indoor, Fly Swatter, Fly Swatters, Fly Paper, Plastic, Bugs, Heavy Duty

About this item ❤️【ECO&Safety】Our Plastic-made Fly Swat won't leave scars on your furniture like metal-handled fly swatters. And without electricity, you don't have to worry about hurting your kids like an electric fly swatter. ❤️【Strength upgrade】The handle of our product is strengthened, and the surface of the product is encrypted. If you have it, you will find ours is different. ❤️【Lengthening and Flexible】Our 17.5-inch-long mata moscas lets you quickly clear fly troubles far enough away…

Trieez 17.5" Sturdy Leather Fly Swatter - Heavy Duty Flyswatter with Durable Metal Handle, Rustic Bug Swatter for Flies, Bees Metal, Bugs And Insects, Distance, Heavy Duty, Fly Swatters, Sturdy, Handle, Fly Swatter, Durable

About this item More sturdy, longer-lasting - Compare to the cheap plastic, it adopts a leather surface. No more crackings or twists. A thick leather cover is riveted at the junction of the metal handle ensures thousands of times uses. One fly swatter can last all summer. Suitable length, lightweight and flexible - With 17.5 inches durable metal handle you can smack annoying bugs and flies while keeping a comfortable distance. The weight is comfortable and makes it easier to swat the flies…

Mel Shaughnessy
4 Pieces Leather Fly Swatter Long Handle Manual Swat Metal Handle Flyswatter Colorful Rustic Fly Swatter for Kitchen Home Ind Manual, Indoor, Metal, Leather, Fly Swatter, Fly Swatters, Long Handles, Handle, Indoor Outdoor

About this item Different Colors: you will receive 4 different colors of the long handle manual swats, different colors and styles are available to suit your needs, and you can store them all over your home for spare use Relatively Small Size: the size of this fake leather fly swatter is relatively small, lightweight, and its handle is long enough to allow you to touch the flies in higher place, and its size makes it easy to store, so it won't take up too much space in your home Strong and…

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